Tech Interview Services

Highly predictive technical interviews

Our community of highly experienced engineers including some of the Speakers conduct technical interviews on your behalf. You source candidates, you tell us your priorities and expectations, - we tell you how good they are.


You source candidates


ComponentsConf conducts world - class tech interviews

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You bring candidates onsite and make hires

Accelerate your hiring

No more trade offs — accelerate your hiring and let your engineers ship more product

Our Speakers and engineers conduct technical interviews on your behalf. Your software engineering teams spend 60% less time on interviewing, while spending more time closing candidates and shipping product.

ComponentsConf provides the most flexible and fair interview experience available. Candidates can schedule their interview 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can choose to redo their interview if they feel they could perform better.

Interviewing team

Community of highly experienced and well recognized engineers, some of which are Google Developer Experts and Speakers at the Conference

Our Interview Engineers are experienced software engineers who are passionate about delivering incredible interviews to their fellow engineers. They are equipped with data-informed best practices and an interviewing infrastructure that ensures interviews highlight candidates’ strengths. Fewer than 2% who apply pass our rigorous evaluation.

You get to decide

Each interview is video recorded and interviewers write down their notes, it's up to you to decide to take candidates to the next stage or not.

Consistency in each technical interview is ensured by a quality control check by a senior Interview Engineer. We ensure bias-free recommendations, a full review is completed before a recommendation is passed to your team.